The KUZA Team

Our team of designers, based in Nairobi, Kenya, deeply understand of the strengths and weaknesses of traditional education systems in Africa.


At Kuza, we see a market emerging in Africa for mobile learning technologies which, if explored properly, offers immense potential for engaging new users and addressing education gaps and development needs in specific communities.

Instead of providing generalized learning courses, KUZA designers work with experts in local communities and in global industries to ensure courses are organically created with the community’s interest at the center of every learning segment.

Our designers understand labour markets in Africa and design content specifically to meet the growing demand for skilled workers.

Currently designers at KUZA are working to bring 200 new courses to the ShareLook platform by 2018.


Esther Muia

Instructional Designer

Edward Mwangi


John Mutahi

Graphic Designer
  • Esther Muia

    “Growing up, I was always drawn to beautiful creations. I didn’t know much about instructional design, but I craved for an opportunity to create and innovate. ShareLook made my dream come true. This team took me in when I was unemployed, and gave me the opportunity to create e-learning courses. They trained, mentored, and nurtured me to be the best. ShareLook encourages continuous personal development and growth. Management is very supportive and has created an amicable environment that brings out the best in employees. I am what I am today because of ShareLook, and am forever grateful for the chance that they have given me.”

  • Edward Mwangi

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  • John Mutahi

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